Jun 2016
Evolve with Beth - It's Mine

IT IS MINE! I said to my husband, he had picked up my ear-phone somewhere and was using it. So I was stating the obvious, so he’d take care not to lose it! He has this uncanny record of misplacing ear-phones, hence, I have taken it upon myself to ensure any earphone of mine is kept in my hand bags because he just hates to look for things in my hand bag (lol) neat strategy right? I know he’ll read this, but I know he’ll rather ask me nicely than rummage through......

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May 2016
The Awakening

As a church, we sense that a new season has come upon us. We are hungry for More in God. We are open to a fresh move of God in our midst. A 90-day window is opened to us in the spirit to feed on God’s word,worship in the spirit and War in prayer with a greater intensity. Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday we shall gather to corporate expressions of Preaching, Praise and Prayer. We believe God for the supernatural. We shall step out to the streets,campuses and marketplace with a fresh consciousness of the......

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Feb 2014
manifold international church

MIC Lagos now spots a new website! Please be informed that all correspondence should be directed to; The church has seized from using (the old site) for anything which has now become deactivated...

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